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25-05-17 - 20:02:18 - 4 days HAI - haistillings(a)
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24-05-17 - 09:05:13 - 5 days BERTHA - berthadubin(a)
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18-05-17 - 21:40:47 - 11 days MARIANNADAURE - petroviivan80(a)
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18-05-17 - 09:48:36 - 11 days ELIZABET - elizabetsweat(a)
Im happy I now registered
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18-05-17 - 05:09:20 - 11 days KERRY - kerry_govett(a)
Im happy I finally registered
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18-05-17 - 03:22:27 - 11 days ELVIN - elvinlouis(a)
I am the new guy
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15-05-17 - 15:22:13 - 14 days HERBERT - herberttherrien(a)
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11-05-17 - 01:02:26 - 18 days SANG - sangdowdle(a)
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